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I got word that Comet Press who published the paperback edition of THE FALL GUY are closing down later this year.  That means THE FALL GUY is going out of print.  The book will still be available as an ebook and audiobook but the physical book itself won’t.  It’s always sad when a print book goes out of print as it’s tangible proof of existence.  It’s not the first of my books to disappear (and it won’t be the last).  However, a book is like energy.  It doesn’t cease to be.  It only changes form.  So THE FALL GUY may return to bookshelves with a different publisher.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I’m trying to acquire the leftover stock, so if you’d like a copy, please drop me an email or order one through my website bookshop.

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I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment. This is personal.

We have a family member with MDS blood cancer so as a thank you for all the treatment she has received, I’m raising money for THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY.  I’m hoping to raise at least $2,000.  On September 23rd I’m going to do a self-supported 100km bike ride and I’d love it if you’d sponsor me.  If any local riders want to join me on part of the route to pace me during the ride, let me know.  If you’d like to buy autographed books for your donation, let me know.  Every little bit helps.  Thank you for your support.

If you’d like to donate, please go to my fundraising page here.

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My AUTHOR PROFESSIONALISM workshop starts July 3rd.  You only get one shot at making a good impression with a reader, editor, publisher, bookstore, librarian and even your fellow writers. Yet, I’ve seen lots of authors put their feet in their mouths so many times. So let me be your Professor Higgins to your Eliza Doolittle.  The workshop would explore the following:

  • Lesson #1: What it is to be a professional writer
  • Lesson #2: Interacting with your fellow writers
  • Lesson #3: Interacting with publishing professionals
  • Lesson #4: Interacting with your readers and the public
  • Lesson #5: When the going gets rough–how to handle it and protect yourself
  • Lesson #6: The Good Author Plan

So if you want to learn how to interact with the publishing industry smartly and effectively, you can sign up here.

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WE WON!! PROMOPHOBIA won best nonfiction at this year’s Agatha (Christie) Awards. I’m one of the many contributors to this book. The award is a teapot and I believe each of us will get about 5-days with the award before passing it along to the next writer. In all seriousness, a massive thanks to Diane Vallere for all her hard work. This book was a long time coming after losing its first two publishers and Diane never gave up on the project.  This award belongs to her.

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