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SHELF LIFE: Lost in Translation

Keen followers of this blog will know that THE FALL GUY and PAYING THE PIPER were snapped up for German translation last year.  Over the last few months, I’ve been working with two editing teams on the books and I’m happy to say they are both in production and have publication dates. 
The content hasn’t changed for either book but the titles have.  Slang and colloquialisms rarely travel.  THE FALL GUY is now Abwärtsfahrt, which translates to Downward Drive or Downfall Drive.  It’s a hard one to describe but you get where it’s going.  PAYING THE PIPER is now Die Abrechnung Des Kinderfänger, which is a little more literal as it translates to Paying the Kidnapper.
Obviously, a new book means cover art.  I hope you like them.  I know I do.



Abwärtsfahrt will be out at the end of April in paperback and as an eBook.  Die Abrechnung Des Kinderfänger will be out at the end of June in paperback, audio and as an eBook.  Do tell your German speaking friends to grab a copy or three.

Naturally, with a translation in a language I don’t speak, I have to put my faith in my translators that  they’ll do a good job and I won’t suffer like NewsRadio’s Jimmy James at his book reading.  This is every writer’s translation nightmare.  🙂


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