Simon Wood
Dragged into Darkness

Dragged into Darkness

People spend their entire lives staving off the dark—but no matter the measures taken, black paths and shadowy pits lurk in the unlikeliest of places, waiting to pull the unwary into the depths of despair.

These eleven tales offer a morbid sampling of the many forms and fashions of terror—from the subtle prickling of neck hairs at the kiss of a ghostly breeze to the raw-throated screams and feverish clawing of a desperate fight for survival.

Witness eleven people torn from their ordinary lives and cast into twisted realities that test their sanity, faith, and very will to live…

A pilot must land a crippled aircraft on an impossible runway…

A doctor feels far too much sympathy for his deformed patients…

A schoolgirl’s secret contract could cost her mother’s soul…

A woman whose pack-rat obsessions hide the obscene…

For these and seven others, the darkness comes from within and without, subtle, deadly…and relentless.

For the story behind the stories, see Back Stories.

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Book Reviews

Dragged into Darkness 5.0

"Simon Wood is a powerful new voice in the art of dark storytelling. His prose is surreal, unique...and disturbing. The stories in this collection will indeed drag you into darkness—and you'll love every minute of it! A promising debut from a future master of terror.”

— Brian Keene, Author of THE RISING and NO REST FOR THE WICKED

Dragged into Darkness 5.0

“Simon Wood's fiction is ominously deceptive. His quiet, unassuming voice sneaks up behind you, whispers in your ear the promise of a great story. A chill runs up your spine, but you feel safe. Then, just as you start to relax, Wood bludgeons you over the head with dark twists and turns you never expected. Simon Wood is definitely one hot new writer to watch...but you'd better buckle up for this ride!”

— J. Newman, Author of HOLY ROLLERS and THE WICKED

Dragged into Darkness 5.0

“Short story writing is a craft few master and when you can pack as much as Simon does into each know you're reading one of the very best.”

— Elaine Flinn, Author of DEALING IN MURDER

Dragged into Darkness 5.0

“Simon Wood kept me spellbound with each story in his menagerie of macabre; his surrealist prose is entertaining and equally chilling...While you are DRAGGED INTO THE DARKNESS with Simon you will be pleading for more instead of wishing the ride to end. You'll indulge your darkened fears and befriend the evil that awaits you around the next corner.”

— Eternal Night