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Julie is in Switzerland for business this week, so I am left to hold down the family fort. This is the first time since we’ve been married that this has happened. Usually, it’s me who flies off to somewhere far flung, but because I’m away doing something fun or different, I don’t feel I’m being separated from her. So, this break looked to be interesting. Having not lived on my own in fifteen years, I wondered how I was going to get on being a single guy again. Could I slip into old routines again? So how did I fair?

Actually, I did alright. Not having my Julie appendage, I seemed to have a little extra time on my hands in the evening. The odd thing was that although I had more time, I didn’t write as much. I’m not sure why this happened. I didn’t start writing until I was living with her—just goes to show what living with someone will drive a person to do. 🙂

Maybe she’s some talisman that I need to have about me to inspire me to write tales of murder and destruction. (oh, that doesn’t sound good–oh well).

Moving swiftly along. I thought I would have more room in the bed, but that didn’t work out either. Royston and the cats who sleep on the bed saw this as an excuse to spread out and I was still confined to the edge. Who knew a dachshund and three cats could take up so much room?

Some of my single boy habits returned. I indulged in using the bathroom with the door open. Still a favorite with Royston and the cats.

I didn’t eat alone. My meals were served at the same time as Royston and the cats’. Very much a lad’s night in feel.

Something from the forbidden kingdom, I got pay-per-view all the crappy/b-grade horror movies that have to be rationed and can only be watched with the proviso that, “if you’re getting that, we’re getting something funny too.”

My single life comes to an end tonight when Julie gets back and we will no doubt fall back into our normal routines. Although my exploit was fun, I did feel a little gap where there was a little something missing from my life that bad movies and open toilet doors couldn’t fix. Welcome back, Julie.

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