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I’m the worst when it comes to creating characters names.  They all end up sounding the same, so I need some name for my bit players in my next book THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY, although for many of the characters I have in mind, you are unlikely to be the one getting away.  I have a number of positions open, many of which are complete scumbags.  So if you’re okay with that, please leave your name in the comments section of this post. 
I can’t guarantee I’ll use your name, but if your name fits one of the characters in the book, I’ll use it.  Also be aware that if I use your name you are not entitled to a royalty or any financial recompense and that you are giving up any and all image rights.  Sorry for getting all heavy there but I have to for legal reasons.
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And lastly, John and Jane Smiths need not apply.

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