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Wood-DeceptivePractices-21703-CV-FT-C3r5My DECEPTIVE PRACTICES blog tour has taken me far and wide…cyber speaking.  Here’s some of the places it’s taken me to.  Please enjoy!

Jungle Red Writers – I discuss looking for strange in the world.

Femme Fatales – I discuss having a curiosity for the weird.

Mystery Readers International – I discuss the new book and divine intervention.

The Big Thrill – an interview.

Authornomics – an interview.

Donna Warner – I discuss being a bit of a Walter Mitty.

Just Talking Books – Review!

Book Likes – Review!

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Dru’s Book MusingsWood-DeceptivePractices-21703-CV-FT-C3r5 has a neat feature on her site.  Instead of having interviewing authors about their books, she invites them to write a day in the life of their characters of a book character. So Roy from DECEPTIVE PRACTICES wants to make you an offer you should really refuse.  Please enjoy this especially written story–A sit-down with Roy from Infidelity Limited!


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TOTGAMy blog tour for THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY has concluded.  So if you missed any of my stops along the way, here are the links to my cyber travels:

TOTGA also picked up a number of nice online reviews:

Quiet Fury
Will Kill For A Story
Carol Taylor Reviews
Debbie Davis
Ebook Friendly
Kings River Life

Please check out all the links and thanks to everyone who’ve helped make TOTGA the success it has been so far.

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