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SHELF LIFE: 5 Things Readers Can Do To Help Their Favorite Writers

author reviewI don’t think readers don’t know the power they wield and how it can help their favorite writers. Here are five simple things readers can do to help any writer.

1. The first rule is Buy a Book. I know it’s a given, but if you want to keep your favorite writers in business, you have to buy a book.

2. The second rule is to borrow a book from the public library (and I bet you thought I was going with the buy a book thing again). Library book sales are good for the writer. They provide a backbone of sales that can make or break a writer’s next contract. Even if you’ve bought the book, still go and borrow it from the library and if the library doesn’t have it, request it. This helps not only the writer, but also the libraries. Increased demand ensures libraries stay open.

3. The third rule of reader’s club is to write a review. It doesn’t have to be an in-depth critical analysis or high school book report. Just a few sentences giving a title the thumb’s up is good, then put it up on Amazon,, etc. Share your thoughts on sites like and Shelfari. Goodreads lets you recommend your favorite books to your fellow readers. Public opinion really carries weight and the information on these sites get used by other sites.

4. The fourth rule is to tell a friend. Word of mouth is gold. If you like a writer or a book, tell someone about it. It’s not a national secret.

5. The fifth and final rule is to buy another book. Don’t be one those people who say “yeah, I read a book once.” It won’t hurt to do it again and writers will thank you for it.

We all need our stories and without storytellers, we can’t have our stories. And don’t forget, if you’re going to start with someone, start with me. 🙂

2 Responses to “SHELF LIFE: 5 Things Readers Can Do To Help Their Favorite Writers”

  1. Lyn C

    #1 – check. Paying the Piper and No Show

    #2 – Checked our local library – they have one copy of No Show and two copies of Did Not Finish #3 – Okay, still have to do that. #4 – None of my friends read crime/mystery novels, but I’ve tweeted about Piper. #5 Well, buying two is a good start. I’m not sure about The One that Got Away, I scare easily and don’t really like blood and gore, but there are plenty of others to choose from 😀


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