Simon Wood

SHELF LIFE: Killer Playlist

monstersI’m a bit of a frustrated disc jockey at heart. I love coming up with playlists—and I’ve come up with a killer playlist…for fiction’s most notorious killers. I hope you enjoy and slay away!  😆

Freddy Krueger—”Dream weaver” by Gary Wright

Norman Bates—”Mama” by Genesis

Jason Voorhees—”Knives Out” by Radiohead

Leatherface—”Chainsaw” by The Band Perry

Chucky—”Puppet on a string” by Sandie Shaw

Damien Thorn—”The devil inside” by INXS

Michael Myers—”First cut is the deepest” by Cat Stevens

Hannibal Lector—”Happy Meal II” by The Cardigans

Pinhead—”Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains

Carrie—”Invisible Touch” by Genesis


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