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SHELF LIFE: A Freaky Three Way…You Interested?

I’m thinking of doing a three way.  No…not that kind of a three way.  Get your minds out of a gutter.  I’m talking about doing a literary three way.  A written triptych as it were.  I’m wondering if I can tell the same story in three different genres.  Sounds like a swizz, but it’s not. 
Consider the Japanese movie Yôjinbô about a ronin (a samurai without a master) who plays two gangs off each other for money.  It was then remade as a western, better known as A Fistful Of Dollars with Clint Eastwood, then again as prohibition mob story better known you as Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis. 
This isn’t the first time this has occurred.  The Magnificent Seven was based on the Seven Samurais.  Sean Connery’s Outland was based on High Noon.  So it’s not like I’m being original or anything.  Oh, that didn’t come out right.  Hell, what I mean is that it’s not unheard of, although I’m not sure it’s ever been done in book form or ever been done by the same writer.  So yes, I am original, thank you very much.  Sometimes, you people are very judgey.
So how would I do it?  Not quick sure at the moment, but I think I can do a story that would translate to being a thriller, a horror story and sci-fi tale.  Those would be my chosen genres for this project.
I think it’s a neat idea, but what do you think?  Would you want to see a story done three ways?  Would you find it a tasty morsel?  I’m hungry to know.

2 Responses to “SHELF LIFE: A Freaky Three Way…You Interested?”

  1. M D Tolley

    Probably not. If a story is written well the first time then why bother retelling it a different way.
    I hope you’re not running out of ideas and just thought that maybe you could sell one story three times!!!

    • Simon Wood

      No, it’s more to do with an idea can be told from different perspectives. I’ve written a couple of stories where they were in one genre but the core idea could be turned on its head in different genre.


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