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I’m happy to announce the release of a new collection of short crime stories called CRESTFALLEN.  The collection features San Francisco private investigator, Peter Crestfallen.   In fine PI style, he has a penchant for attracting problem clients. He’s the kind of gumshoe who’ll always give a hundred percent, even if it’s for a ten percent return.  The stories in this collection are:

In CRESTFALLEN’s V.I.P., Crestfallen has to track down a stolen teddy bear for a senior citizen and he’ll have to go up against the White House to retrieve it.

In CRESTFALLEN’s GETAWAY, Crestfallen has to smuggle a mob accountant out of San Francisco.

In CRESTFALLEN’s KINK, Crestfallen is hired to find out what a housewife does in her off hours and is drawn into a dark world of alternative lifestyles.

In CRESTFALLEN’s WIDOW, Jane Staam hires Crestfallen to prove she didn’t kill her terminally ill, millionaire husband.

The Crestfallen stories appeared in a number of anthologies over the years but he was a character I put on ice to work on other projects.  However I’m considering resurrecting him, as during my recent house move I discovered a manuscript for a novel I’d been writing.  It was inspired by a local incident in the 50’s and I thought would make for a nice back story.  The book needs work.  So I’m interested in what you think of Crestfallen and whether you’d like to hear more from this guy.  Enjoy! 

Order the book from these stores:
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