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SHELF LIFE: No Sex Please

Lately I’ve been commended on the level of sex in my books—namely that I keep it clean.  So clean in fact, that NO SHOW on a couple of occasions has been tagged as Christian fiction by some Christian reading groups.  This label is a little odd to me as I don’t think of my stories as particularly Christian, although a pastor friend of mine did once remark, “There’s a whole bunch of sinners in your books.”  So people may have a point.  Who am I to argue…especially with the big man (or lady—I’m open to all eventualities) upstairs.
All facetiousness aside, I don’t mind how people see my work as long as they see it.  As I’ve said before I lose ownership of a book the second it readers’ hands. As long as they enjoy it, I’m happy.  I don’t write to marginal anyone’s beliefs, politics or beverage choice.  I just want to tell a good story.
Anyway, back to sex.  I’ll admit I do keep the sexy down in my books.  Personally, I don’t want to turn any of my books into a Penthouse letter section because I don’t want to cause any reader to blush when they’re riding a train or bus—or worse, at church.  However, that’s just a minor consideration.  The main reason I keep the sexy toned down is because of my mum.  My parents read all my books and while I suppose it’s okay for my dad to read something a little saucy and have him say, “Atta boy,” I can’t say the same for my mum.   The last thing I want it a call from my mum to tell me how she’s so disappointed in me…then to have her give me notes on how it should be really done is more than I think I could handle.  :-/

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