Simon Wood


Product testing of the Nicotine Kiss
I’ve always felt that I have a million dollar idea in me that will make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. Unfortunately, I’ve never discovered it—until now. The epiphany came to me over New Years after legal discussions that I had with myself in the mirror one morning. Now, I feel I can share it with you.

We’ve all seen the nicotine patch, gum and that funny looking blow dart/faux cigarette contraption. They all work but they don’t all work as well as my cure for giving up the smokes. My invention is the “Nicotine Kiss.” Essentially, this is a Band-Aid has been marinated in nicotine for a week and is fitted firmly over the mouth. The effect is two-fold. The wearer still gets that great taste of nicotine while not being physically able to smoke a cigarette. The strength of your addiction dictates the strength of the adhesive on the Nicotine Kiss used. Obviously, for the diehard smoker, I’ll be using superglue on the Kiss. This time, I feel I’ve come up with a real winner. đŸ™‚

Obviously, there are a multitude of applications for the “Kiss.” Weight loss for one. The “Slim-line Kiss” is already on the design table. In this case, the Band-Aids would have chocolate flavor.

Look out for my late night cable ads coming out this tax season!

In a couple of years, you’ll be able to tell your friends you remembered when I was a great before I went all commercial and sold out. . .

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