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Hump Day: Me, Marriage and What Han Solo Said

As it was a holiday weekend here in the US, that meant some TV network was showing all the Star Wars movies. And like a moth drawn to a flame, I will watch episodes IV through VI.

I have to admit I get a chuckle out of the climax to the Empire Strikes Back. Well, specifically when Han Solo gets encased in Carbonite. The scene plays out below.

But if you haven’t seen it, Darth Vader has everyone in custody and Princess Leia tells Han that she loves him and his answer is, “I know.” This is where I laugh.

Why? Because I didn’t get significance of what he said (or more specifically, what he didn’t say) when I saw the film for the first time when I was only 12years old and all the way up until I got married. Only since I’ve been married have I truly understood the dickishness of Han’s reply since.

When Leia told Han she loved him, his answer should have been, “I love you too” or some such, not, “I know.”

When I shared my revelation with my lady love, Julie, she said, “You’re only getting that now?” My answer was no, but it was really yes. It took a long time for me realize that I have to share my feelings and that if I’m ever told that I am loved that I can’t just say, “Nice one” or “Thanks,” and that I must return the favor and state I love that person back (at the risk told to sleep in the garage).

So thanks marriage for making me a more understanding person.

Now when I see Han drop his relationship faux pas at the end of Empire, I think it was probably a good idea that he got encased in Carbonite. He wouldn’t want to be called a nerfherder twice in one movie.

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