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Hump Day Post: The Pedalee Awards

As most of you know, I’m a keen pedaler, so I thought it would be nice if I handed out a few cyber awards (good and bad) for those parties who deserve some recognition for their contributions to cycling (as I see it, naturally, and are therefore totally biased because of it).

Best Cycling Town: Sacramento
It may be as hot as Hades, but Sac offers some of best and safest roads I’ve had the pleasure of riding on.

Worst Cycling Town: Berkeley
I would rather ride on the freeway than ride through Berkeley. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians do whatever they want and it’s a constant hazard because of it.

Favorite Cycling Event: Wine Country Century
It’s put on by the Santa Rosa Cycling Club and they really know how to put a good event when it comes to the routes, rest stops, event center, and the right food. Also the ride itself goes through a great part of the world at a great time of year. It makes the event a total pleasure. Honorable mentions go to the Marin Century, Best of the Bay and the Tour of the Napa Valley.

Best Cycle Club: a joint win between the Santa Rosa Cycling Club, Cherry City Cyclists, Marin Cyclists, and Eagle Cycling Club
I take part in a lot of events and these guys know what they are doing. Each of these cycle clubs have years of experience and it shows. They put on well managed and safe events. Massive shout out to these guys. Good people all.

Best Commercial Vehicle Outfit: East Bay Municipal Utility District
A cyclist needs cooperation from commercial vehicles and a couple of feet of room. EBMUD has a lot of heavy plant on the roads in my district and these guys do their very best to give cyclists room.

Worst Commercial Vehicle Outfit: UPS
I don’t have enough four-lettered words for UPS. If their drivers got off their damn cell phones for five minutes, then they might be able to keep their sodding trucks in their own lane. Driving at a reasonable speed might help too. That’s what brown can do for me.

Most Dangerous Place to Ride: Any school zone
Society’s fabric comes apart at the seams when it comes to school zones. Parents don’t care about anyone. It’s all about dropping their kid off or picking them up and if that means double and triple parking, driving on the wrong side of the street, so be it.

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