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Shelf Life: In Memoriam

I’m terrible coming up with the names for the supporting cast in my books, so I tend to use the names of friends and family. For the current book I’m working on, a couple of friends asked if I could incorporate the names of loved ones who’d recently passed away as supporting characters, which I’ve done.

Now, I’m thinking it might be nice if I expanded this tribute. So if you’ve lost a loved one or a close friend and you’d like to have their name featured in my next book, please leave their name and who they were to you in the comment box or email their name to me at I can’t promise I’ll use every name, but I’ll do my best.

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2 Responses to “Shelf Life: In Memoriam”

  1. Erich Covey

    Simon … There are two people I would like to nominate … the first is Briar Rose Bendig … she was my great grandmother and quite a remarkable, strong woman. In many ways, she was the backbone that kept the family strong. She was definitely an inspiration to me in my young years.

    The second would be my close friend Tony Greene … he was the older brother I never had who was very strong and in some ways too proud. He was incredibly outspoken, always telling you how it was and not what you wanted to hear. He kept me and many I knew down to earth, honest.

    Erich P Covey


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