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HUMP DAY: The Taskmasters Becomes A Play

In true iceberg style, there’s been a lot of activity under surface with all things related to my writing. The first piece of good news I can mention is that my short story, THE TASKMASTERS, is being adapted for the stage. The story appeared in Seattle Noir and my collection, ASKING FOR TROUBLE. It’s the story of Matt, a young man looking to change his life when a club for wayward men takes him under their wing. A theater company in Seattle will be producing the show on in October. I’ll be going up for opening night for a Q&A after the performance. So I hope Seattleites will be able to make it.

I’m quite excited by this. It’s always fun to see and hear what other people do to my work.

You can read the story here.

4 Responses to “HUMP DAY: The Taskmasters Becomes A Play”

  1. F.T. Bradley:

    Yeah! I wish I lived close enough to go see it. This has to be so exciting!

    And you know you’re the worst tease when it comes to good news? This iceberg business drives me nuts…


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