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CASTING CALL: Give Me Your Name!!

CASTING CALL: Give me your name! I’m the worst when it comes to creating characters names and I need names for the follow-up to Did Not Finish, the second in the Aidy Westlake mystery which’ll be out in 2012. I have a number of positions open from police officers to bad guys and everything in between. If you’d like to be one of the supporting cast, please leave your name. I can’t guarantee I’ll use your name, but if your name fits one of the characters in the book, I’ll use it. John and Jane Smiths need not apply.

11 Responses to “CASTING CALL: Give Me Your Name!!”

  1. Chris Eboch

    Kris Bock – I could be male or female! (In real life, I’m female).

    Chris Eboch, writing for adults as Kris Bock
    Rattled: romantic suspense in the dramatic and deadly New Mexico desert
    Read the first three chapters:
    trade paperback $9.99, e-book $2.99.

  2. Jody

    Jody Crocker. I’m female, but Jody’s used for guys a lot, so your character could be either.

  3. karen94066

    Karen Mayers is available. My dad’s name was used by Janet Evanovich for one of the funeral home guests. I’ve been so jealous ever since.

  4. Sheila Beaumont

    Or you can use either of my brothers’ cats’ names, Charlie Beaumont and Oscar Beaumont. Or their black Lab’s name, Dolly Beaumont.

  5. Debbi Mack

    Hi all,

    Simon’s requested that I post the following message on his behalf, since he obviously can’t do it himself and he doesn’t wish to seem unresponsive. 🙂

    Hi everyone,

    Blogger won’t let me leave a reply on my own blog at the moment–go figure. I’m jotting names down and I’ll let everyone know whose name gets used. Thanks.


  6. Karen

    Hi! I hope I’m not too late to give you a name for which I know you have just the right character: Karen Dyer


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