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spectre-james-bondThe new Bond Movie SPECTRE is out this month and I do like me a Bond movie. As with every new Bond movie, they are inevitably ranked by various organizations and publications so I wanted to share with the definitive Bond movie ranking list…because it’s by me. You may want to disagree but let’s face it, you’re wrong so bother arguing with me.

23. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

22. Moonraker

21. View To A Kill

20. Octopussy

19. Skyfall

18. Quantum of Solace

17. Tomorrow Never Dies

16. The Spy Who Loved Me

15. Die Another Day (remake of Moonraker)

14. From Russia With Love

13. Thunderball

12. Dr. No

11. Live And Let Die

10. The Living Daylights

9. For Your Eyes Only

8. The World Is Not Enough

7. Diamonds Are Forever

6. Man With The Golden Gun

5. Goldfinger

4. You Only Live Twice

3. License To Kill

2. Goldeneye


So there you have it, CASINO ROYALE is the best Bond movie (and the best Bond book). I don’t know where SPECTRE fares in all this, but I hope it’s a good one. Daniel Craig needs a better film than he’s gotten on the last two outings.

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