Simon Wood
Did Not Finish

Did Not Finish

Aidy Westlake Mystery #1

The first book in the Aidy Westlake mystery series set in the high-octane world of motor racing – When Derek Deacon threatens to kill Alex Fanning, his championship rival, rookie driver Aidy Westlake doesn’t put much stock in it – it’s typical of the intense competitiveness and aggression in their world. But when Fanning dies after making contact with Deacon’s car during a race, a conspiracy ensues: the TV coverage is edited and the police wind up the investigation without interviewing witnesses. Compelled to prove Deacon is the murderer, Aidy pushes for the truth and is drawn into a world of fraud, organized crime and murder.

Some people will kill to win.

For the story behind the story, see Fast and Dirty.

The book is available in paperback, ebook and audio download. Please note there are two ibookstore links, one for the ebook and the other for the audio book.

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Book Reviews

Did Not Finish 5.0

“Wood kicks off this new series with a streamlined narrative, a spot of believable romance and some deftly introduced tidbits about the British racing circuit. Think of Dick Francis’ early thrillers, especially Nerve, but with a lot more horsepower.”

— Kirkus

Did Not Finish 5.0

"A breathtaking finale will linger long in readers’ minds.”

— Library Journal

Did Not Finish 5.0

“Wood convincingly portrays Aidy’s awkward efforts at amateur detection as well as his gentle, tentative romance with the dead man’s fiancée, while entertainingly imparting information about the perils and exhilaration of single-seat Formula Ford racing. Dick Francis fans will find a lot to like.”

— Publishers Weekly

Did Not Finish 5.0

"It is filled with suspense and startling revelations, and is recommended.”

— CrimeSpree Magazine

Did Not Finish 5.0

"One of the most thrilling stories I have ever read."

— Downforce Radio