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No Show

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Englishman Terry Sheffield has just arrived in San Francisco to start his new life with Sarah, the investigative journalist he married after a transatlantic love affair. But Sarah never shows up at the airport… When Terry reports his wife as missing, the police chalk it up to a new bride with cold feet.  As a journalist, Sarah’s exposed her share of scandals, and Terry realizes that she’s not missing—she’s on the run. To find her before the killer does, Terry must explore the dark recesses of his new homeland and rely on the help of some new friends. But as his search brings him closer to finding Sarah, Terry realizes she’s very different from the woman he thought he married.

Read about the story behind the story in Abandoned.

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Book Reviews

No Show 5.0

“Ambition, revenge, jealous colleagues, and lovesick reporters all stoke the plot of this dark, meaty whodunit.”

— Publishers Weekly

No Show 5.0

"This is a suspenseful page turner....”

— Spinetingler Magazine