Simon Wood
The Frame Maker and Pathfinder

The Frame Maker and Pathfinder

In this ebook exclusive from StoryHouse, here’s a double pack of short stories (and not some twist on Smokey & The Bandit).  The book blurbs go a little like this:

In The Frame Maker, a woman takes revenge on her philandering husband by hiring the Frame Maker—a man who’s made a career of solving problems permanently. This job, however, might be the one frame that just won’t hang right.

In Pathfinder, newly widowed Vivian can’t understand why her husband killed himself in a seedy Vegas hotel room. So she travels to Sin City, where she’s mysteriously guided to dangerous and unexpected places. Soon Vivian finds herself on a treacherous road to the truth.

If you liked Alfred Hitchcock Presents, then you might like these tales.

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