Simon Wood
Deceptive Practices

Deceptive Practices

Trade paperback
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Do you have a cheating spouse?  Has counseling failed?  Want to get even with them?  Then hire Infidelity Limited to teach them a lesson…

Olivia Shaw grew up poor on the wrong side of the tracks, but with her thriving real estate practice and a solid marriage, her life finally feels stable . . . until she discovers her husband is cheating. Enraged, her sister offers a solution: Infidelity Limited, a firm that promises to rough up her husband and scare him straight.

Overnight, Olivia’s life is upended as she, like all of Infidelity Limited’s clients, is drawn into a dark web of blackmail and murder. Now, Olivia is emerging as a prime suspect in her husband’s death. As a dogged detective closes in,  she has only one option—take down Infidelity Limited before it’s too late.

The 4th Book in the Bay Area Quartet

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Book Reviews

Deceptive Practices 5.0

"To call the book a page-turner doesn't do it justice."

— Midwest Book Review

Deceptive Practices 5.0

"Moves fast with a hint of Hitchcock suspense thrown in."

— GoodReads

Deceptive Practices 5.0

"What a wild ride!"

— Just Talking Books

Deceptive Practices 5.0

"Had me mesmerized."

— Book Likes