Simon Wood

Spring Clean & Charity Pledge: Please Support

Longtime followers know that I donate to/fundraise for various charities each year and I usually drag you all in too. If you buy a book from my website bookstore, I’ll donate the value of your order to charity–dollar for dollar. So don’t miss your chance to run me up. I can do a few MYSTERY BOXES. I’m thinking of donating to MEALS ON WHEELS this year.

Not everything is listed on the bookstore so if you’re looking for translated titles, out of print titles, hardbacks of the Aidy Westlake series and audiobook editions, let me know.  If you’re ordering out of the USA, please contact me first so I can quote shipping costs.  Thanks.

I hope you’ll pick up a book or two for you, a friend or even an enemy. And even if you don’t get a book, please share this post. Thanks.

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