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Shelf Life: Listening To Me

I suppose I’m a little different to most writers when it comes to experiencing their own work. While most, I’m sure, want to see their book in print, I want to hear it. I prefer to listen to a book being read than reading it myself. This is in part because I’m dyslexic and I’m a shocking reader with a terrible comprehension levels. My comprehension level ranks in the second percentile for adults. Essentially my eyes are quick to deceive, but ears aren’t. I take in far more listening to people than reading, so the rise in audio book production especially in the last twenty-five years has been a godsend. Nothing makes me happier than picturing a fictional world as I listen to a book.

However, dyslexia isn’t solely to blame for my love of audio books. A few others have their influence. My parents for one. They read bedtime stories to me as toddler. My primary school teacher, Miss Pepper, for another. She read a chapter from a book every afternoon. I’ll be forever in her debt for introducing my classmates and me to The Hobbit, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Stig of the Dump, Nanny McPhee, and Danny, Champion of the World. Finally, BBC Radio 4 is responsible for turning me into a spoken word junkie with their original plays and unabridged readings. It’s still my ambition to have something play on Radio 4. I really need someone to make that happen. Someone, get on that.

So it’s somewhat ironic (or bloody annoying) that my own books have taken so long to find their way onto CD and etc. I’ve had a few of my short stories produced in the past, but never my books—until now that is. I have a glut of audio titles coming out now. Brilliance has just put out six of my titles on CD. Audible is currently producing DID NOT FINISH and HOT SEAT. And ROAD RASH is in the process of being recorded. I have to say it’s pretty cool hearing someone bring my stories to life. Finally, the voices in my head have an actual voice now.

So the big question for you is that I’m listening to me, but are you listening to me? 🙂

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