Simon Wood

Shelf Life: Loves Labors Lost (and Found)

It’s Labor Day, so it’s a short one today and it’s to do with my old publisher, Dorchester. A couple of years ago, they hit the financial skids and when things get tough, things get murky, especially when it comes to royalties and rights. Luckily for me, I secured my rights back and moved on to bigger and better things (fortunately). I am owed some money, but essentially a writer is an independent contractor and bad debts are part of the business as much as it’s a pain in the arse. I accepted the money was lost.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t draw a line under my association (especially when it came to the IRS), because for the last couple of years, Dorchester has been floating in a limbo state between existence and bankruptcy. However in the last couple of months, it looked as if the fat lady was ready to sing which meant I could write off the bad debt on my taxes, but in fine Godfather fashion, just as I think I’m out, they drag me back in—thanks to Amazon. They’ve stepped in and bought Dorchester with the promise to honor all debts, which would be nice and a pleasant surprise. So the end might be in sight. It does mean I have to do some due diligence on my part. This piper needs to get paid.

Isn’t the life of a writer grand? 🙂

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