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Shelf Life: Broadway Bound

As I mentioned a little while ago, a theater company in Seattle bought the rights to adapt my short story, THE TASKMASTERS (from ASKING FOR TROUBLE), into a stage play. Well, the theater has been booked and the date set and the play will be performed on October 20th. I’ll be there for all the festivities and I think I’ll be interviewed after the performance.

I can tell you now this will be a tough thing for me to watch. Normally, people consume my stories without me being around. This time around, I’ll be there to see their reactions. That’s kind of scary. :-/

To make the night even more Simon-centric, there will also be the first playing of a radio adaptation of my short story, OLD FLAMES BURN THE BRIGHTEST (which appeared in WORKING STIFFS).

If you’d like to attend the performance, the box office is now open. The show has been titled, Vashon Noir and tickets can be purchased to reserve seats right now by calling Blue Heron Art Center (Vashon Allied Arts) at (206) 463-5131. Callers can just ask about the “Vashon Noir” show on Oct. 20th. I hope some of you Seattlites can make it, as it’s a mighty big theater to fill. 🙂

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