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Book of the Month: Lowlifes

LOWLIFES is February’s book of the month. It’s a crime novella set in San Francisco. Unlike my other books, it wasn’t my idea. Someone came to me with a story idea and this was the result…

Storyline: San Francisco Detective Larry Hayes thinks he’s hit bottom when he wakes up in an alley after a bad trip with no memory of the last four hours. This is only the beginning of his problems. Two blocks away, Hayes’ informant, a homeless man named Noble Jon, lies dead, beaten and stabbed. The eerie pangs of guilt seep into Hayes. Is he Jon’s killer? The mounting evidence says so. Hayes mounts his own investigation to stay one step ahead of murder charge and disappears amongst the city’s homeless community.

What They Are Saying About the book:
“A terrific pulp-fiction piece that reminds us just how easy it is to fall off life’s tightrope.”
— SJ Rozan, Edgar Award winning author

“Inspector Hayes, a complex, likable cop, finds himself in a world of trouble. Lowlifes grabs you on the first page and is nonstop action to the end.”
— LJ Sellers, author of The Detective Jackson series

“Lowlifes provides a gripping , Rashomon-like look at the murder of homeless police informant Noble Jon. Innovative use of multiple media and alternative technology amps the verisimilitude while providing a deeper insight the characters’ desperate motives. An intriguing twenty-first century murder mystery.”
— Mark Coggins, author of The Big Wake Up

“Simon Wood’s inventive and original LOWLIFES takes you on a tour of San Francisco no tourist gets to see. The ride’s as thrilling as a high-speed chase down Lombard Street, and just as twisty. Don’t miss it!”
— Kelli Stanley, author of City of Dragons

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share a little on how this book came about and what happens next. Enjoy!

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