Read by Ben Dooley



Tenths Of A Second

Martin Warwick is a down on his luck racecar driver. His only accolade is to make the other drivers look good with his mediorce performances.  It's not that Martin is a bad driver. He's just not had the breaks.  He needs a better sponsor which would get him a better car and a little luck to put him ahead of the pack.  The break comes in the form of the mysterious Mallory.  He doesn't have money or connections.  He has a device to make Martin and any car he drives better.

When your hopes and dreams are just outside of your grasp, you're willing to do anything, regardless of the consequences.  Martin is about to find out what the price of fame really costs—and he's willing to pay it gladly.

TENTHS OF A SECOND is an audio original short story that has never been in print.

GENRE: Sci-fi/Fantasy.

RUN TIME: 40 minutes.

PRICE: $1.50.


Read by Todd Busteed



Father Figure

Childs is a son of a bitch and a bastard—literally as well as figuratively—but what he really is, is a small time con man.  He's about to upgrade to the big time and go after the score of his life by bilking the software mogul, Charles Reston, out of every penny he can get. He's going to do it by convincing Reston that he's his illegitimate son, which shouldn't be too hard as the billionaire is his father. However, the problem with the long con is that you get a little too close to your mark...especially when you're looking for a father figure.

FATHER FIGURE is an audio original short story that has never been in print.

GENRE: Crime.

RUN TIME: 30 minutes

PRICE: $1.50.